Diocesan Convention

About the Diocesan Convention

The Convention is the legislative body of the Diocese and shall exercise all powers not reserved to the Bishop by the Canons or tradition, or reserved to any other entity of the Diocese. Elected lay representatives and canonically resident clergy from each parish and mission in the Diocese attend as delegates to the Convention. During the Convention, various diocesan officers are elected, and other key diocesan leadership positions are either elected or appointed as provided for by Canons. The Convention adopts the annual budget for the Diocese and considers as a body other matters germane to the mission and operation of the Diocese. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

35th Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Tennessee

Bishop Johnson’s address, 2016.

Convention address from The Episcopal Diocese of West TN on Vimeo.

The resolutions of the 35th Annual Convention will be posted here very soon.

The material below was posted prior to convention:
The principal work of Convention will be the adopting of a revision to the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese.  Please see Bishop Johnson’s letter to all delegates and the Diocese by clicking here. In order to allow delegates and others to review the revisions, Commentary to the revisions prepared by the drafting committee can be accessed by clicking here.  A complete copy of the 1st draft of the proposed revisions can be accessed by clicking here.  For comparison purposes a copy of the 2015 Constitution and Canons can be accessed by clicking here.


2016 – 1 – To Revise the Constitution of The Diocese of West Tennessee

2016 – 2 – To Revise the Canons of The Diocese of West Tennessee

2016 – 3 – To Revise Section 1, Article IX of the Constitution of The Diocese of West Tennessee

Red-lined version of the revision of the Canons

Commentary on the Revisions

Proposed 2017 Budget can be accessed here.




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