2017-2018 Holy Currencies Incubation

Does your congregation have an idea for a new ministry that supports community development and engagement but you don’t know how to get started?  Apply to be part of the diocese’s Congregational Engagement Holy Currencies Incubation program.  If your application is accepted, we will help you incubate your idea and move it to reality, creating a new ministry that will be sustainable and more connected to the community and beneficiaries needs.

We are accepting applications for the program now through September 1, 2017.
Click here for an application.  

About Holy Currencies: Holy Currencies is a model for developing congregational ministries created by the Kaleidoscope Institute (KI), part of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.  The Diocese of West Tennessee has been in partnership with KI since 2015.   This model has been used internationally to strengthen the impact and sustainability of community-oriented ministries.  It includes six “currencies”, or resources that, when combined, can lead to a more transformational ministry.  Each currency highlights a way to examine the ministry and add value:

  • The Currency of Time and Place ensures you have appropriate human and physical resources to support implementation of your plan
  • The Currency of Gracious Leadership creates a welcoming approach to those with whom you want to support and connect
  • The Currency of Relationship examines potential partnerships that could add value to your work
  • The Currency of Truth creates a positive process for learning about the wants and needs of your community and beneficiaries, and how the ministry might support them
  • The Currency of Wellness ensures that the work you are doing enhances the physical, mental and spiritual health of your congregation and community
  • The Currency of Money explores how the ministry can become a sustainable resource for the community for years to come.

In addition to taking congregations through the process of understanding each of the Currencies, KI has developed tools and resources for congregations that support their planning for and implementation of the community ministry.

About the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee Holy Currencies Incubation Program
The Diocese currently has the capacity for 4-6 congregations with either 1) existing ministries that they would like to expand or better connect to the community, or 2) clear commitments to future initiatives for which the Holy Currencies model could contribute to the impact and success of the initiative.

We expect to support a cohort to learn and apply the Holy Currencies model to incubate a specific ministry.  This cohort will begin in October 2017, with formal training concluding in March 2018.  Participating congregations are expected to apply the learning and tools of Holy Currencies to their ministry, and will be able to continue to advance their initiatives with up to a year of coaching and potentially some financial assistance.

Overview of the Incubation Process

  1.  Submit Application by September 1, 2017.
  2. Orientation Training at St. Mary’s Cathedral (Starts at 3:00 pm on Friday, and ends at 5:00 pm on Saturday): Recruit a team of 4-6 leaders from your church and attend the Holy Currencies Incubation Orientation.  The orientation will cover the currencies of gracious leadership and relationship.
  3. Site Visitation:  Your team will be visited in your community early in the incubation program by a consultation team from the Diocese of West Tennessee to learn more about your church and its ministries, and to establish coaching relationships.
  4. Four sessions:  Your church team attends four 2 hour sessions over a 4-month period covering the currencies of time and place, truth, wellness, and money.  These may take place in your congregations.
  5. Congregation ministry development:  Between evening sessions, your church team will be required to complete 5 assignments engaging the team and congregation in a discernment process.  A final “business ministry plan” will be due in early 2018.
  6. New Ministry Presentations:  You church team participates in an in-person training session in the Spring of 2018 for sharing the incubated business/ministry plan and action-plan with potential partners.

Key Dates

  • September 1, 2017applications due
  • September 1-8, 2017 application review may include a phone call to discuss the application for short-listed applicants, if needed.
  • By September 15, 2017:  Selected congregations and church teams notified.
  • October 20-212017:  Twelve-hour in-person training at St. Mary’s Cathedral.
  • November 2017- February 2018:  monthly 2-hour evenings sessions with your team to learn more about the application of all six currencies; teams will also complete their assignments and create a “business ministry plan” that strategically leverages the currencies, increases sustainability, and strengthens community connection.

For more information or to discuss the Holy Currencies process, please contact Canon John Burruss at jburruss@episwtn.org.

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