This year’s Diocesan Convention will be held via virtual teleconference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank the Reverend Sandy Webb and the Church of the Holy Communion for their willingness to host the Convention prior to the changes necessitated by the current health crises.


The virtual Convention will only cover the items required by our Diocesan governing documents:

– voting to fill diocesan offices and other positions;
– passage of the 2021 budgets for the Diocese and St. Columba;
– and an address by the Bishop.

Given the abbreviated timeframe for this year’s Convention, we ask that you hold any resolutions until next year’s Convention.


All active canonically resident clergy and lay delegates must register to fully participate at Convention.  Several congregations throughout the Diocese have agreed to serve as host sites for Convention.  Each Faith Community and clergy person who is retired, non-stipendiary, non-parochial and licensed to officiate will be informed of the host site to which they have been assigned.

You must go to your assigned host site to be able to fully participate.  We will observe social distancing and will require all participants to wear masks inside the venue.  Persons can also register as guests which will enable them to observe the proceedings via the Diocesan YouTube page or Facebook.  Guests will not be able to participate or vote.


There is no registration fee for Convention.  Meals will not be provided, so please eat lunch before arriving and bring snacks.  Also, all lay delegates and canonically resident clergy will need an electronic device with access to the internet to vote (for example, a smart phone, laptop, iPad or tablet).  There will be only a few electronic devices at each host site for voting purposes. A lay delegate or canonically resident member of the clergy will be able to vote only at the host site to which he or she is assigned; there will be no remote voting.

The deadline for registration forms and nomination forms is October 15, 2020. Nominations received by October 15 will be published in the Convention notebook.  Please continue to check the Diocesan website for Convention updates.

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