A Message from Bishop Johnson and Dean Andrews

My friends, I encourage you to read Dean Andy Andrew’s thoughtful response to the tragedy of the act of terror perpetrated in Las Vegas on Sunday night.  I also would ask that as a Diocese, that our faith communities might consider how we can open our doors this week and in the weeks to come to be places of both prayer and lament, of healing and hope.  – Bishop Johnson

In the wake of the heartbreak of another mass shooting, we are reminded of our fragility.  It preaches to us that we take nothing for granted except for God’s faithfulness.  I know you are offering prayers in your own beautiful, acceptable way.  I appreciate your mourning with the victims’ families in their loss.  It is terribly sad, and we all know collectively how senseless this violence is.

A couple of things to consider:

  • Read and reread, say and say again, Lamentations 3:22-23.
  • Bishop Johnson has encouraged me to intentionally open the Cathedral from noon to 1 PM each day this week to light candles, pray prayers and sit mindfully together during the lunch hour. I urge you to join us today through Friday in solidarity when you can.
  • I hearten you to celebrate the Eucharist with us tomorrow Wednesday,  October 4 in the Sisters’ Chapel which is the Feast of St. Francis.  Breakfast and enrichment groups follow.  It will be a Mass for Peace.
  • Give blood this week. Goggle “where to give blood in Memphis, TN” and a location near you should emerge.


May we be extra kind to one another for we all are carrying a heavy burden.

May the souls of all the departed rest in peace.

May the injured find healing.

May all the responders find courage and strength.

May all of us know that the Triune God is to be found,

 even in the midst of this tragedy, holding us lovingly and patiently.

May we be released with grace for a renewed journey

            traveling more aware over sore ground.

My Best in Christ,

Andy Andrews+

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