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An Introduction To The Addiction And Recovery Commission Of The Diocese Of West Tennessee

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The 1979 General Convention Resolution on alcoholism committed the Church to a position anticipating the problems and needs of the victims of chemical dependency and to raising consciousness about alcohol and drug use and misuse.

The 1985 General Convention Resolution on Alcohol and Drug Abuse reaffirmed the earlier position and defined a policy for the use of alcoholic beverages in parishes, calling for education and employee assistance programs.

The Fifth Annual Convention of the Diocese of West Tennessee (1987) called for the appointment of an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Committee to develop comprehensive resources in West Tennessee in response to the policies of the General Convention. The Commission has continued to be a presence in the Diocese of West Tennessee since that time.

General Convention Resolutions prior to 2009
General Convention 2009 Resolutions
General Convention 2015 Resolutions

The purpose of the Addiction and Recovery Commission is to offer the Church as a resource for the education, care and support of people affected by the spiritual despair and disease of addiction. We offer support and comfort to families and loved ones whose lives are impacted by another’s addiction.

The Church must be seen as the community of compassion to all whose health and freedom have been lost through addiction. In the Diocese of West Tennessee, The Addiction and Recovery Commission seeks to help the Church in its ministry to alcoholics and the addicted as well as those whose lives are affected by their disease. The Diocese commends the work of the Commission to every member of this Diocese. Their goals of information, intervention and support are essential if we are to be responsible stewards of creation in the use of alcohol and compassionate in our efforts to strengthen our addicted brothers and sisters in recovery.


For more information about the W TN Episcopal Addiction and Recovery Commission, download our brochure. It includes a list of commission members and their contact information, a list of 12-step groups in the West Tennessee area, and other information you may find helpful.

We periodically have recovery book discussions, retreats, 12-step Eucharists, run/walk in recovery races, and more.  Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EpiscopalRecovery/ where you can keep up to date with what we’re doing in the diocese. We would love to include you on our mailing list. Just click the Email sign-up link on our Facebook page or contact Lucy Owens (lucy@gracestlukes.org or 901-497-0691).

Commission Co-Chairs: Shannon Tucker (901-281-0785) and Laura White (901-210-1833)

Contact Us

For further information or to share your concerns, please contact the commission at the following address:

The Addiction and Recovery Commission
692 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN  38105

You may also contact Commission members Lucy Owens (lucy@gracestlukes.org or 272-7425) or Shannon Tucker (shannon.tucker@gmail.com or 281-0785). The local commission periodically hosts 12-step Eucharists, recovery book studies, holiday gatherings, and more.  We are also available to help your church plan a Recovery Sunday event.  To add your name to the email list, contact Lucy or Shannon. Please visit The Episcopal Church’s Recovery Ministries to learn more about Episcopal Recovery Ministries on the national level, where you will find many resources – from a weekly blog on recovery to recovery pamphlets and more.

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