Bishop Johnson’s Easter Message 2017

At Easter, Love is Resurrected in Each of Us 

Christ is the world’s true light, its Captain of salvation,
The Day-star clear and bright of every man and nation;
New life, new hope awakes, where’er men own his sway;
Freedom her bondage breaks, and night is turned to day.

In Christ all races meet, their ancient feuds forgetting,
The whole round world complete, from sunrise to its setting:
When Christ is throned as Lord, men shall forsake their fear,
To ploughshare beat the sword, to pruning-hook the spear.

One Lord, in one great Name unite us all who own thee;
Cast out our pride and shame that hinder to enthrone thee;
The world has waited long, has travailed long in pain;
To heal its ancient wrong, come, Prince of Peace, and reign.  –The Hymnal 1982,W. Briggs Hymn 542

While not technically an Easter hymn, this familiar hymn is found in our Hymnal in the section dedicated to The Church’s Mission, and the resurrection is surely at the crux of the Easter message:  in Jesus resurrected Love is raised to new life in each of us. Signs of resurrected Love are found whenever God is allowed to hold “sway” in lives renewed by hope.  When bondage is broken, “night is turned to day,” ancient feuds are forgotten, fear is forsaken, and spears are given new purpose as pruning-hooks, the world has just been recreated and all has been made new.  To live in this way even in these changing times surely points to God’s Easter promise for all people. Looking forward to the coming again of resurrected Love, we join our song with those of every age who have looked to the Prince of Peace in hope. Easter comes again, and with it comes “new life, new hope…”  I join with the entire Diocesan staff to wish you this new life, this new hope, this resurrected Life of Love as we await the day.  Blessings, +Don

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