Bishop Transition and Search Committees Named

The Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee

A Letter from the Standing Committee

August 22, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of West Tennessee is delighted to announce that we have appointed the following individuals to lead us in the search and transition process as we move forward with calling our next bishop.

Search Committee

Mrs. Lavonnie Claybon Perry, co-chair, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Mason
The Rev. Gayle McCarty, co-chair, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Jackson      


Mr. Ben Adams, Church of the Holy Communion, Memphis
Mr. Scott Haight, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Dyersburg
Mrs. Kathryn Jasper, Calvary Episcopal Church, Memphis
Mr. Don Johnston, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Collierville
Mr. Elijah Noel, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Memphis


The Rev. Katherine Bush, St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Memphis
The Rev. David Carletta, St. George’s Episcopal Church, Germantown 
The Rev. Barney Gordon, St. James Episcopal Church, Bolivar
The Rev. Chuck McMillen, St. James Episcopal Church, Union City   
The Rev. Drew Woodruff, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Memphis

Transition Committee

The Rev. Sandy Webb, chair, Church of the Holy Communion, Memphis


Mrs. Dudley Davis, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Dyersburg
Mrs. Susan Kenny, Church of the Holy Apostles, Collierville
Mrs. Lisa Rogers. St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Millington
Mrs. Kate Trammell, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Memphis
Mrs. Candace Walsh, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Memphis
Mrs. Nora Witmer, Immanuel Episcopal Church, LaGrange


The Very Rev. Andy Andrews, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Memphis
The Rev. Richard Fletcher, Immanuel Episcopal Church, Ripley
The Rev. Amy George, Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Memphis
The Rev. Mimsy Jones, Calvary Episcopal Church, Memphis
The Rev. Nancy O’Shea, All Saints Episcopal Church, Memphis

We are very grateful for all the recommendations offered to assist us in our discernment. As we considered the appointments we were guided by certain principles and constraints. First, each of the two committees is required to have an equal number of lay and clergy members. Second, no church may be represented by more than one person on any one committee. Third, each committee requires particular gifts and skills that need to be found in its membership. Fourth, the committees ought to represent, as much as possible, the diversity we find and celebrate in our Diocese.

We have prayerfully endeavored to honor as much as possible each of these guidelines. The result of our efforts are two committees whose members possess—by God’s grace—the talents and abilities to succeed in their holy work. Please keep each of the members of the Search and Transition Committees in your prayers.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you may always reach me by email at: BishopSearchWestTN@gmail.com.

Yours in Christ’s love,

The Rev. Gary Meade
President, the Standing Committee of the Diocese of West Tennessee

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