Bishop’s Voice

Update from Bishop Johnson about Bishop Transistion

Greetings!  It continues to be my privilege and responsibility to serve as the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee until my successor is elected and ordained to that servant ministry.  Therefore, I join you in finding myself in an in between place.  I still have work to do…

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A Call for Help Welcoming our Neighbors on Monday

Clergy, people, and friends of the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee, I write to ask your help. On Tuesday of this week, I gathered with about 100 other faith leaders in the community to hear reports from those who work each day with our local Latino community.  As expected, we…

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Bishop Johnson Calls for the Ordination of his Successor in 2019

June 15, 2017 Dear Friends, I met with the Standing Committee of the Diocese today to inform them of my plan to continue, God willing, to serve as Bishop Diocesan of West Tennessee into 2019.  I have been in contact with the Presiding Bishop to ask him to set the…

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Post-Election Reflection

To the people of the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee: As we look into the new world of post-election America, I am reminded of the words of the former Archbishop of Canterbury, William Temple. During World War II, the Archbishop sought to promote the values of Christians exercising their civic…

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What do you say about a tragedy?

The Bishop responds to the shootings in Orlando, Florida.

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