Finding Hope at St. Jude

In the almost three decades as a chaplain at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Episcopal deacon Brent Powell has not only seen a lot of changes, but been part of the changes himself.  With years of experience with thousands of parents of patients, he knew that their input was valuable…

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Special Friends Fellowship Club

In early 2016, a diocesan group comprised of parishioners from All Saints, Calvary, Grace St. Luke’s, Church of the Holy Communion, and St. Andrews Collierville joined together with a vision to create a ministry for adults with special needs. The plan was developed and approved by Bishop Don Johnson, and…

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The Episcopal Aquaponics Experiment

The Episcopal Aquaponics Experiment is a pilot project of the diocese in partnership with St. Mary’s Cathedral to explore the relationship between faith communities and food systems.  Growing fresh produce and raising tilapia, this project is an attempt to provide both access to food and jobs in an under-resourced community….

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Constance Abbey – A Neighborhood Relationship Incubator

A team from St. Mary’s Cathedral, working through the Holy Currencies process of congregational development, has launched Constance Abbey located on Hamlin Avenue in downtown Memphis.  Constance Abbey acts as a cornerstone of relationships between St. Mary’s and its neighbors by hosting social gatherings and worship services, distributing goods, and…

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The Church-Based Marketplace

Church as Marketplace from The Episcopal Diocese of West TN on Vimeo. A reflection from the Canon for Sustainable Ministries.  I’ve been trying to imagine what the ideal relationship between a church and the neighborhood where it is located should be.  I’m not sure that I have landed on the…

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What do you say about a tragedy?

The Bishop responds to the shootings in Orlando, Florida.

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