Marriage Policies & Forms


Consents for Remarriage

If either or both the bride or groom have previously been married, the consent of the Bishop is required before any marriage can occur.

Please read the Guidelines for Consent of the Bishop for Remarriage [Title I, Canon 19.3(c)] before filling out the Consent for Remarriage Form. Please mail the completed form and all documents (please be sure that you have an original, certified copy of the final decree) to Canon Chip Davis in the Diocesan Office.

  1. A solemnization of any marriage under Title I, Canon 19, should be reported to the Bishop within ten (10) days after the wedding on the form provided with the Consent.

Marriage Equality Policy

Click here for Bishop Johnson’s policy on Marriage Equality in the Diocese of West TN.  This policy will take effect on the First Sunday of Advent 2015 (November 29, 2015).

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