Standing Committee

Elected Members:

Dr. Bill Falvey (2017)

The Rev. Deacon Randy McCloy (2018)

Mr. Jim McGehee (2018)

The Rev. Tommy Rhoads (2016)

The Rev. Jack Rogers (2017)

The Rev. John Sewell (2015)

Dr. Bruce Steinhauer (2015)

Ms. Candace Walsh (2016)

Term expiration dates are indicated in parentheses.

Each diocese is required to elect a Standing Committee that has certain areas of responsibility described in the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church. Among these responsibilities are the following:

-Giving of consent on property matters relating to property set aside for sacred worship and on the formation of new parishes and congregations

-Determining, as specified, matters relating to canonical discipline of members of the clergy

-Certifying that all canonical requirements for ordination have been met by the candidates for the deaconate and priesthood

-Consenting to the election of bishops for the Episcopal Church

-Serving as the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese as provided by the Canons in certain cases when one of the diocesan bishops is not available

-Serve as a council of advice at the bishop’s request

-Providing for the canonical election of bishops of the Diocese


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