Election 2020: Resources for Civil Discourse

Resources for Civil Discourse

“Let us use Christ as our model as we seek to come together and focus more on what unites us instead of what divides us.”
– Bishop Phoebe Roaf
National Institute for Civil Discourse
TOOLKIT: Vote Faithfully Resources from the Episcopal Church Office of Government Affairs 
Getting souls to the polls isn’t just about casting our own vote, but about working together so we all can vote and vote faithfully. We can empower every voice in our congregations in this work. Check out the resources included in the Episcopal Church Office of Government Affairs’ Vote Faithfully toolkit: https://mcusercontent.com/c4730314f0237632461de5db5/files/7a109c14-4e65-4caf-b5a3-3334729ba8c6/ogr_vote_faithfully_2020_election_toolkit.pdf

COURSE: Civil Conversation in Uncivil Times: Practicing Our Faith in the Public Square
Presented by journalist, college instructor, and outspoken Episcopalian Ray Suaraz, this course is ideal for Christians looking for ways to be faithful in the midst of contentious politics and is brought to you for free by The Episcopal Church, the Episcopal Church FoundationTrinity Wall StreetThe CEEP NetworkForward Movement, and ChurchNext. This class is free to take from October 12 – 26 – that means you can take it for free anytime, 24/7, during that time period.

ARTICLES: Citizenship, Leadership, and American Constitutionalism Resources
Timothy Huebner, Associate Provost and Sternberg Professor of History at Rhodes College and member of Calvary Episcopal Church in Memphis, has published a series of online articles focusing on citizenship, leadership, and American Constitutionalism. Please access them through the links below.

PLEDGE: With Malice Toward None Initiative
The days after the presidential election could begin a dark time of polarization in the land—unless we act together to make it otherwise. That’s where the With Malice Toward None initiative comes in.The goal is to create a space for people to deal with their emotions (positive and negative), to build our capacities for working together to address our common challenges, and to commit ourselves to a renewed citizenship.

FILM: “You Don’t Know Me” premiers at the Nashville Film Festival
“You Don’t Know Me” is a documentary about Abu Ali Abdur’Rahman.  Abu is an Episcopalian who has been on death row for more than 33 years and who was confirmed by Bishop John Bauerschmidt while on death row. The film is available to stream online through Oct. 7 for $12.80.

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