Kaleidoscope Institute South

Developing Sustainable and Missional Ministries in The Diocese of West Tennessee

The Diocese is excited to continue our working relationship with the Rev. Eric H. F. Law as we have entered into a three-year commitment with The Kaleidescope Institute to help interested faith communities in West Tennessee develop and create new ministry initiatives. Click here to read the Pastoral Letter from Bishop Johnson explaining this exciting initiative.

screen-shot-2016-08-10-at-10-40-22-amThe Rev. Canon John Burruss serves as Diocesan Canon for Sustainable Ministries, working to identify local community needs and to establish new faith communities and ministries in areas in the Diocese where The Episcopal Church is not currently present. He will also work with the established faith communities of the Diocese to start new ministry projects using the Holy Currency framework as created by the Rev. Eric Law as the Director of the Kaleidoscope Institute.  John is available to parishes and other faith communities of the Diocese to guide and assist them as they engage their neighborhoods and identify resources that lead to sustainable ministries that accomplish this Church’s mission. The Rev. Canon John Burruss can be reached at jburruss@episwtn.org and 901-937-4784.

Many of you have either already attended or expressed interest in attending a workshop led by the Rev. Eric Law (our keynote speaker at our last annual Convention) on the approaches he has developed through his work as the founder of the Kaleidoscope Institute (KI).  This work focuses on the creation of sustainable and missional ministries and is captured by theme in Eric’s book, Holy Currencies.  The next Holy Currencies workshop to be offered in Memphis will be at St. Columba from November 1-5.  This training will also include the KI Catalyst (Facilitator) training for those who would like to consider working with local faith communities to incubate the ministries they are led to develop.

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