Special Friends Fellowship Club


A  diocesan group comprised of All Saints, Calvary, Grace St. Luke’s, Church of the Holy Communion, and St. Andrews Collierville  joined together in early 2016 with a vision to create a ministry for those in our city with Special Needs.  After several months of meetings, this group decided to create a group for  Adults with Special Needs over the age of nineteen, as this group seemed to be most in need of services, and Special Friends Fellowship Club was born.

All Saints Episcopal volunteered space for meetings and became the permanent host church with the four other churches initially co-hosting  the bi-monthly gatherings and providing volunteers and dinner for the group on a rotating basis.  The goal of the founding group was to find eight parishes to provide a rotating group once quarterly with a combination of young and older parish members and youth engaging with our Special Needs Friends and sharing dinner, worship, and an activity.  The group has been extremely active with Bingo and Disco nights, lots of painting and crafts,  and celebrated a fabulous Fall Fest with all the Diocesan youth in October.

While the goal of having eight parishes participating has not quite been reached, Holy Apostles has now joined in the fun, and Germantown Presbyterian is hosting Elvis Night in January.  If your parish is not yet participating, please give prayerful consideration to this wonderful program.  The effort is minimal and the rewards are great.  Contact Janie Morris at 761-1020 or morrishome1@bellsouth.net for further information or to schedule a date for the Winter or Spring quarter.  Your will receive much more than you give!

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