St. Anne’s Launches Laundry Love to Provide Economic Relief in Millington

“This is a great story of the way the ‘Holy Currencies’ of relationships, truth telling, time, wellness, money and gracious leadership have worked together to create a new reality in the Millington area. Currencies that ‘flow’ carry in this activity a power to change the world. St. Anne’s is part of that change in witness to God’s love.”

– The Rt. Rev. Don E. Johnson

St. Anne’s Laundry Love met for the third time last Tuesday night, June 20. After the Holy Currencies Incubation program, we launched our version of Laundry Love in Millington, operating every other Tuesday night.  Laundry Love is a national movement to bring economic relief by giving individuals or families the option to redirect funds toward food, medical, gas or transportation costs as well as school supplies and other basic, everyday necessities by assisting people with doing their laundry at public laundromats. This past Tuesday was our biggest turnout yet.  Our next gathering is Wednesday, July 5 at Spin City in Millington. The support for this ministry by our church has been amazing. Not only have we raised money for detergent and supplies by church members for the next several weeks, but many from our congregation are spending their Tuesday evenings building friendships with new people in Millington.

The most important thing to come from Laundry Love is an increase in the truth into the breadth of community in Millington. We have come to know many people living on the brink of despair wondering how they are going to keep a roof over their heads, the lights on, and if there is going to be a meal tomorrow.  I think the most important thing this ministry has done is allowed a few people to get back a little bit of the hope they once had and regain a little faith in their fellow human beings.

One of the outcomes of this ministry that I am most excited about is seven kids are attending Mud Camp as a direct result of Laundry Love. We have an additional four more as a result of our reading program at EA Harold Elementary School in Millington. It has been a moving experience to see these young people forget about the stresses of life for a week and just have fun while hopefully learning a bit about God and nature.

We are grateful for the help and assistance in launching St. Anne’s Laundry Love through the Diocesan Holy Currencies Incubation program.

-The Rev. Jack Rogers, Vicar of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Millington

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