The Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee’s 35th Annual Convention Wrap-up

The Annual Diocesan Convention adopted the Revised Constitution (second reading) and the completely revised Canons of the Diocese (the process began Jan. 4, 2012).  We had one amendment to the Constitution so we adopted the new revision on the second reading and introduced the first reading of the amendment.  We’ll be finished next year.  The plan is to live with the new canons for a year.  The perfected copy will be on the website soon and will be effective on Jan. 1.  The new name of our Diocese is The Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee.

Our new website is up and in the process of transitioning from our old one.  Our current web address continues to work but you’ll get an error message – ignore and click on the links.  So, use www.episcopalwtn.org as our new URL.  Our old email addresses will continue to work as well.

To see the collaborative work of Canon John Burruss and Canon Frank Logue go to www.transformWTN.org for a glimpse at a project on which they have been working. 

Bishop Johnson squelched any talk of his retirement by saying that he is required to retire on his 72nd birthday (1/23/20) if he decides before then, he’ll give the Diocese plenty of notice…but not yet…there is still work we need to do. 

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