Update from Search Committee: September 15, 2017

From the Standing Committee 

September 15, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On September 8 and 9, 2017, the Standing Committee welcomed our newly appointed Search Committee and Transition Committee to an Orientation Retreat hosted at Church of the Holy Communion in Memphis. Our retreat leader was Mrs. Lynn Schmissrauter, retained by the Standing Committee as our consultant as we continue forward in our search and transition process. We were also joined by the Rev. John Fritschner who, as part of his training as a search consultant, will be joining Mrs. Schmissrauter. Mr. Andy Cobb, our diocesan Chancellor, also attended portions of the retreat.

Our weekend included introductions, an overview of the search and transition process, a Charge and Commission from the Standing Committee to the newly appointed members of both Search and Transition Committees, and an opportunity for both these committees to organize and begin their work.

The Search Committee endorsed Mrs. Lavonnie Perry Claybon and the Rev. Gayle McCarty as their co-Chairs; the Transition Committee endorsed the Rev. Sandy Webb as their Chair. Both committees reported identifying specific areas of responsibility and members who will focus on those areas.

The Standing Committee is grateful to Mrs. Perry Claybon, the Rev. Ms. McCarty, and the Rev. Mr. Webb for taking on the mantle of leadership. We commend them, and the members of their committees, to your continued prayers. You will be hearing from the Search Committee soon. I encourage you— and all members of the diocese—to accept the Search Committee’s invitation to share your thoughts, views and hopes as the work of mutual discernment regarding the future of the Diocese of West Tennessee gets underway.

Photographs of our opening Retreat, including group photos of the Search Committee and most of the Transition Committee, can be found by visiting https://episwtn.org/bishop-transition-and-search/.

Yours in Christ’s love,

The Rev. Gary Meade
President, the Standing Committee of the Diocese of West Tennessee

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