West Tennessee Pollinator Project

The West Tennessee Pollinator Project

“Cultivating a Love for Creation and Transforming Outreach through the Development of Church Apiaries”

The goal of the West Tennessee Pollinator Project is twofold:

  • To help Episcopal congregations to cultivate a growing understanding of the theology of stewardship of creation by creating resources around beekeeping and the role of pollination in local food systems.
  • To transform the way churches think about outreach.


This will primarily be achieved by installing beehives and colonies on land maintained by Episcopal churches. The Memphis Center for Food and Faith will provide educational resources and workshops on pollination and food systems. Thistle & Bee Enterprises will provide workshops on beekeeping.  Churches will be able to engage with the beekeeping process at any level of involvement from sponsorship to full on maintenance as Thistle & Bee will provide maintenance, care, and mentorship for the hives in exchange for the ability to harvest honey. The proceeds of the honey sold from church apiaries will provide employment for Thistle & Bee employees who are survivors of the trafficking industry and help engage churches in meaningful economic development ministry and outreach.

Click here to download the white paper.

Please email Canon Burruss for more information.

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