Working Toward a Sustainable Ministry

On, Saturday, April 15th, Ravenscroft Chapel, hosted their community Easter Egg Hunt as a part of developing missional ministries in the Brighton community.  A team from Ravenscroft Chapel has been participating in the spring Incubation of Holy Currencies Ministries offered by the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee and has begun developing a plan for a new missional ministry.  The first steps in this process have been finding ways of meeting neighbors and building relationships and to do this Ravenscroft hosted a community Easter Egg Hunt.

The first steps include building a relationship with Brighton High School where fifteen students helped hide 400 eggs on Ravenscroft’s campus.  Beginning to get to know the school and the student body was identified as a great first step and an important part of helping the church become a more integral part of the Brighton community.  The church also used signage and local advertisements to let the community know about the upcoming event.


“We hope this is a first step in helping let people in the community know about Ravenscroft Chapel,” says church member Richard Vandergrift.  “We are learning that it is much more important to let people know we care about them than to worry about if they join our church.  We hope that by hosting more and more community events, we can help the Chapel play a stronger role in the community.”  Richard is interested in helping the church facilitate a conversation around emergency services especially around fire coverage as that is a growing concern in Tipton County.


On May 6th, the team will meet a fourth time with St. Anne’s in Millington to create plans for new missional ministries to be launched in the summer of 2016.  If anything, the event has helped activate the congregation and help the congregation think about the community, how they are reaching out, and how they are using the gifts of the congregation to meet the needs of the community, and as they learned from the students at Brighton, how the gifts of the community can exchange to meet the needs of the congregation.


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